tax increment financing

Purpose of the TIF Task Force:

The TIF Task Force was statutorily created by the Evidence Based Funding bill.  The responsibility of the task force is to study and examine current tax increment financing (TIF) laws in this state and issues that include, but aren't limited to, the benefits and costs of TIF districts; interaction between TIF law and school funding; expenditure of funds, and surplus funds.


Senate Democrats:

  • Senator Melinda Bush

  • Senator Toi Hutchinson

  • Senator David Koehler

Senate Republicans:

  • Senator Michael Connelly

  • Senator Tom Rooney

  • Senator Chuck Weaver

House Democrats

  • Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Curry

  • Assistant Majority Leader Arthur Turner

  • Representative Michael Zelewski

House Republicans:

  • Representative Dave Severin

  • Representative Joe Sosnowski

  • Representative Grant Wehrli

tel:  312-451-7278

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