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mission and goals


The mission of SCOPE is to provide leadership and to influence legislation that impacts students, member districts, and school communities.


We aspire to be an organization that effectively represents our collective membership through:

  • Communication

  • Advocacy

  • Collaboration and Networking

  • Education of 

    • SCOPE Membership

    • Community Members 

    • Legislators


  1. Communication​​

    • We will provide timely, relevant, and transparent communication to all stakeholders.​

    • We will serve as the liaison between Springfield and our membership.

  2. Advocacy

    • We will provide a strong and leading voice to influence legislative decision makers.​

    • We will provide member districts the opportunity to have a voice in legislative positions.

  3. Collaboration and Networking

    • We will provide opportunities for our membership to connect with benefit from one another.​

    • We will actively engage with other organizations to enhance out ability to influence decisions.

  4. Education

    • We will provide resources and tools needed to make informed decisions and mobilize community action.

    • We will inform legislative decision makers about the needs of our member districts and the impact their actions have on our students and school communities.

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